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Avocado and Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Avocado and Raw Chocolate Mousse Dessert

Raw chocolate and avocado mousse dessert recipe for the healthier and more delicious option of a day to day chocolate mousse, go on treat yourself!

Sundal with Sprouted Chappati Recipe

A delicious South Indian dish, Sundal can be eaten on its own or accompanied by salad or chappati. Bon App├ętit!
Ayurveda Minestrone Soup Recipe

Ayurveda Minestrone Soup Recipe

Ayurveda Minestrone soup a spicy warming soup to boost your doshas at any time of the year

Cupcakes Recipe – Chocolate Passion Fruit

These chocolate passion fruit cupcakes are a delight. A go-to recipe when your sweet tooth strikes!

DIY Face Masks Using Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen

3 DIY face masks using common kitchen ingredients to detox your skin. Get rid of toxins for clearer, tighter, brighter, radiant and younger looking skin.

Summer Fruit Smoothie Recipe – Berry Delicious

A berry delicious summer fruit smoothie recipe that will give you a boost of energy and antioxidants, yum!
mug brownie

Heavenly 15 Minute Mug Brownies! (Sugar + Dairy free)

Delicious 15 minute chocolate cup sprouted brownies (dairy and sugar free) by Chef Filipa Do Carmo at AdventureYogi.
energy balls

Power Balls Recipe and Post-Yoga Nutrition

Chef Tatu shares her delicious raw power balls recipe and top tips about what to eat (and what to avoid!) after your yoga practice or workout.
winter porridge

Winter Warming Porridge Recipe

Vitality food chef Tatu Bearcroft's secret porridge recipe, the ultimate winter treat to keep you glowing and warm all day.

Prawn Curry – Taste of Sri Lanka

A spicy and taste bud tantalising Sri Lankan prawn curry recipe from Tatu Bearcroft, senior chef at AdventureYogi.