Costa Rica


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Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica is a very special country that we are very excited to share with you. Although it is a small country it has coastline on the Pacific and Caribbean and it is famous for its surf beaches and most tourists spend their time on the coast. In Nosara, where we are located it is the wellness capital of the country so you are in for a treat with regards to places to eat for alternative plant-based meals, the larger and more famous American retreat centres and the surf, of course!

There are 5 volcanoes in Costa Rica that you can visit if you plan on staying a little longer than our 10 day holiday as well as rainforests which are rich in biodiversity.

Costa Rica is famous also for its coffee and chocolate so there is the option of visiting these plantations too.

Costa Rica is categorised as one of the happiest places in the world to live, it has no army, the country generates more than 99% of it’s electricity through renewable energy and Nicoya is a blue zone, meaning that its inhabitants live active lives well over 100 years old.

With so many fascinating things to see and do we know this will be a holiday of a lifetime.

We recommend booking for longer and planning in a tour so that you see as much of this special country as you can.