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We are so excited to be able to offer you a Kenya yoga retreat for 2024. A land that is so rich in history, culture, wildlife and wilderness becomes the perfect setting for a once in a lifetime adventure and yoga retreat.

Situated in East Africa with the Indian Ocean furthest east it is a vast expanse of land and one holiday can only cover a small percentage of what there is to see and do there.

If you fly into Nairobi before your Kenya yoga retreat, you open the door to enchanting destinations. From the majestic Mount Kenya and the captivating Samburu game park to the iconic Masai Mara, the scenic Lake Naivasha, and the mesmerising Lake Nakuru, the possibilities are endless. Nairobi itself is a treasure trove, with its own National Game Park, right in the city! For wildlife enthusiasts, an animal orphanage awaits, featuring adorable baby elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and more in need of care. You can also visit the Karen area, immortalised in the film ‘Out of Africa,’ invites you to explore Karen Blixen’s house, a cinematic and historical gem.

Mount Kenya is home to the highlands and tea plantations, offering hiking opportunities for the adventurous spirit. A trip to Lake Naivasha promises a spectacle of thousands of flamingos, a truly incredible experience.

Should you fly to Mombasa before joining us on our Kenya yoga retreat, you are closer to game parks like Tsavo East and West, as well as the renowned Amboseli, famous for its many African elephants and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro bordering Tanzania. The allure extends beyond wildlife to the pristine white sandy beaches and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, with beach resorts like Diani Beach, Malindi, and Watamu offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. For those seeking a more remote paradise, the Island of Lamu in the north is a worthy escape.

In most game parks, you’re in for a treat as you may spot the Big 5 – Lion, Leopard, African buffalo, elephant, as well as rhino, gazelle, warthogs and hyenas to name a few. The magic of sunrise and sunset game drives reveals the animals at their most active, creating unforgettable scenes such as cheetahs stalking prey or lionesses nurturing their cubs. Plus, you have the experience of practicing yoga whilst on safari.

Kenya’s diverse landscape, encompassing savannahs, plains, the Great Rift Valley, lakelands, lowlands, highlands, beaches, and oceans, is complemented by the fascinating tribal areas of Masai Mara and Samburu. The idea of a yoga retreat in Kenya becomes the perfect culmination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and holistic well-being. Consider a yoga retreat in Mombasa or delve into the transformative experience of a yoga retreat in Kenya – a harmonious union of rejuvenation and exploration.

Safari and Beach Adventure Kenya

Kenya Yoga Holiday Locations

We have three locations for our Kenya Safari and beach yoga holiday, Tsavo East and Tsavo West Game Parks and Diani Beach.

Tsavo East and West Game Parks

  • Tsavo East is 4 hours drive from Mombasa airport
  • Tsavo East and West are separated by the main road from Nairobi to Mombasa and our camps are 4 hours apart but it is a game drive in itself to get between them both
  • Tsavo West is 7 hours drive to Diania beach – there will be stops along the way
  • Both camps are located within the national game reserves
  • The second camp has a pool and spa area with massage treatments
  • All meals are included in the price
  • We will have 2 4×4 Landcruiser vehicles for game drives with a driver and a guide
  • Daily game drives across the plains of Tsavo East and West

Diani Beach

  • Is the most famous beach in Kenya and has been voted Africa’s leading beach destination for the fifth time running since 2015 and was voted 22nd best beach in the world
  • It is located 30 kilometres from Mombasa
  • It has beautiful white sand and aqua/turquoise coloured waters with shade from the lush green jungle of palm trees
  • The beach is safe for swimming and you can learn watersports like wind or kite surfing and the diving is amazing
  • There are lots of hotels along Diani beach but it is still a quiet beach
  • we are lucky enough to have a beach front colonial bungalow as our beach accommodation under the cover of palm trees with monkeys playing

FAQ's for Kenya

What is the best way to get to Kenya?

We ask that you fly to Mombasa Moi airport. There are currently no direct flights so you have to fly via Nairobi and take a connecting flight. If you want to stop in Nairobi we can advise you on what to do there.

What vaccines do I need for Kenya?

Please consult your doctor or a health professional because there are a few, like yellow fever and you may need some booster jabs for things like hepatitis depending on when you last had them. You may want to take Malaria tablets also.

What entry requirements are there for Kenya?

As of August 2022:
The Kenyan government ask for proof of vaccination for COVID-19. Unvaccinated need to present a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to the fight. You have to fill in a passenger locater form. More information can be found on the government website.

Do I need a visa for Kenya?

You need a visa to enter Kenya. Kenyan entry visas are exclusively issued electronically, with passengers required to obtain their e-visas before departure. You can apply for single entry and transit visas on the e-visas website. It's around $50 US.

What currency should do they use in Kenya?

The Kenyan currency is the Kenyan shilling. It is good to take some Kenyan shilling and some US dollars. The Kenyan shilling is good for markets, side-of-the-road purchases like drinks, snacks, crafts and markets and US dollars are better for activity providers, game park shops or activities.

What is the weather like in Kenya in January?

January is a great time to visit Kenya because it is the dry season. The average temperature is between 24-30 degrees whether you are inland or by the coast.

What is the temperature in February?

February and July - October are the best times to visit Kenya because they are the dry season. The average temperature is between 24 - 30 degrees whether you are inland or by the coast - it gets hotter by the beach but you get a sea breeze.

Is the SGR train from Nairobi to Mombasa safe for both passengers and luggage?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for both passengers and luggage.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat?


Are there hairdryers available?

If you think you will need one then we recommend bringing your own for ease.

What should I pack for my Safari in Kenya?

It is important to be comfortable as you are in a vehicle for a few hours whilst looking for wildlife. It's best to pack loose thin trousers / joggers / yoga pants or comfortable shorts. The morning game drives can start off a little chilly so pack a light jumper or a shawl. A hat to protect from the sun, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops for the evening and mosquitoes. Trainers for the safari section of the holiday. Flip flops for the beach! Suncream. Pack a backpack for packed lunches or drinks and easy access whilst travelling. A good book or three. A water bottle but you can't drink the tap water but may be able to access water fro the tented camps in the game park. Bring a light shawl for evenings at the beach and for cover in savasana in the evening. Mosquito spray.

What are the Safari driving times?

A game drive is usually 2-4 hours long.

Is spotting the ’Big Five’ or other particular wildlife assured when you're on Kenyan safari?

Spotting specific animals cannot be guaranteed as the animals are in their natural habitat, however, safari itineraries are designed to bring out the best opportunities for viewing.