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core yoga

Yoga for the Core – Four Postures to Build Strength

Michelle King helps you get that bikini body ready for summer with these 4 yoga poses to workout your core.
yoga mat

Acceptance with Yoga

Yoga teacher Louise Gillespie-Smith shares how to practice acceptance with yoga. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu
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5 Energising Yoga Poses to do Before Breakfast

Want an alternative to coffee or a boost of energy in the morning? Try these energising 5 Yoga poses to re-charge your body.
heart chakra

Connect to Your Heart Chakra

3 Yoga poses to help open up your Heart Chakra, by Positivitea founder Ellie Wharton
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The Benefits of Yoga for Diving

Read about how yoga asana, pranayama and meditation can benefit diving and free diving with yoga teacher Wenche Beard from AdventureYogi.
morning yoga

Morning Yoga Practice

Want to begin a daily morning yoga practice? Read the advice of yoga teacher Rachel Johnston and how she gets inspired
sunset over sea cornwall

Ignite Your Intentions This Summer Solstice

Tammy Mittell considers the interpretation of the summer solstice between cultures, and shares details of the Summer Solstice for Adventure Yogi at their Norfolk Detox.
yoga skiing

Yoga for Skiing – Postures to Keep You Strong on the Slopes

8 simple yoga poses to increase strength, suppleness and flexibility for your skiing holiday
heart openers

Pranayama and Chest Openers to Help Beat the Winter Blues

opening the chest and deep breathing to support body systems and cleanse and let go this autumn/winter

Yoga for Climbing

Yoga and climbing go well together also. Learn how yoga can increase flexibility and suppleness to enhance climbing skills and prevent injury