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Yoga for Anxiety – Postutres to Reconnect & Restore | Adventure Yogi

In today’s world, it can be easy to neglect the need to recharge our batteries once in a while - try these 5 poses to balance, restore and reconnect.
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Ayurveda, the Doshas and the 5 Elements | Adventure Yogi

Interested in Ayurveda? learn more about the elements here for a balanced and healthy life
5 Yoga Poses to Support a Detox

5 Yoga Poses to Support a Detox | Adventure Yogi

Support your detox with these yoga poses and some pranayama and mediation to feel great
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7 Reasons to Meditate | Adventure Yogi

Ever tried but you just don't get it? Let these points inspire you to try again.

Yoga for Core – Four Postures to Build Strength | Adventure Yogi

Michelle King helps you get that bikini body ready for summer with these 4 yoga poses to workout your core.

Acceptance with Yoga – A Practise with AdventureYogi | Adventure Yogi

Yoga teacher Louise Gillespie-Smith shares how to practice acceptance with yoga. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu

5 Energising Yoga Poses to do Before Breakfast | Adventure Yogi

Want an alternative to coffee or a boost of energy in the morning? Try these energising 5 Yoga poses to re-charge your body.
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Connect to Your Open Heart Chakra – A Journey with AdventureYogi | Adventure Yogi

3 Yoga poses to help open up your Heart Chakra, by Positivitea founder Ellie Wharton
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Yoga for Diving. Combining the Two is the Perfect Pair | Adventure Yogi

Read about how yoga asana, pranayama and meditation can benefit diving and free diving with yoga teacher Wenche Beard from AdventureYogi.
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Product Review: Calyana Yoga Mat | Adventure Yogi

need a new yoga mat? We have tried and tested the Calyana yoga mat and we love it.