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Be Happy - 5 Healthy Habits to Connect to Inner Happiness

5 Healthy Habits to Connect to Inner Happiness | AdventureYogi

Here are 5 tips to help you find inner happiness from life coach and yoga teacher Louise Gillespie-Smith
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How To Set SMART, Realistic New Years Resolutions | Adventure Yogi

Learn how to create realistic SMART goals to help you attain a better lifestyle, and actually achieve your New Year's Resolutions and goals this year.

Want a stress-free Christmas? Here’s How | Adventure Yogi

For many, Christmas can feel more like work than a holiday. Don't let this holiday season get to you, just follow these tips, relax and enjoy yourself.
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What Dosha are You? – Find out with AdventureYogi | Adventure Yogi

Learn about Vata, Pitta and Kapha and how to manage your type for a healthy and balanced life

Pranamat ECO Yoga Mat: Product Review | Adventure Yogi

Ever wondered why these acupressure mats are so good?
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7 Reasons to Meditate | Adventure Yogi

Ever tried but you just don't get it? Let these points inspire you to try again.
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Staying Healthy While You Travel – Our Top Tips | Adventure Yogi

Staying healthy on vacation can be a challenge for most of us. These 5 tips will help you make better decisions this Summer!
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DIY Face Masks Using Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen | Adventure Yogi

3 DIY face masks using common kitchen ingredients to detox your skin. Get rid of toxins for clearer, tighter, brighter, radiant and younger looking skin.
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Spring Cleanse: 10 Detoxing Foods To Shed Winter Pounds | Adventure Yogi

After a long winter of feasting on tubs of ice-cream in-front the TV, add these 10 foods to your diet to help detoxify your body just in time for summer!
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Why You Should Be Eating Sprouted Grains | Adventure Yogi

Offering a more easily digestible and nutritious alternative to every day (unsprouted) flours and oats, Rude Health have launched the UK's first Sprouted and Organic foods made from sprouted grains.