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Category: Wellness

Chai and Chat With Ayurvedic Specialist Jojo Webber | Adventure Yogi

Jojo Webber one of AY's exceptional yoga teachers and Ayurvedic doctor we had a chai and chat with her
Ayurveda for Spring/Summer - Dandelion

Ayurveda for Spring/Summer | Adventure Yogi

Health and wellbeing tips from an Ayurvedic perspective to prepare you for spring and summer from Jojo Webber yoga teacher and Ayurvedic doctor

Ayurveda for Autumn/Winter | Adventure Yogi

Be prepared for autumn and winter with advice from yoga teacher Jojo Webber at AdventureYogi and join us for our Ayurvedic yoga retreats in Somerset

Chai and Chat With Tammy Mittell | Adventure Yogi

Tammy Mittell is one of AY's exceptional yoga teachers. Read more about her here
Aromatherapy to Support You in the Winter Months

Aromatherapy to Support You in the Winter Months | Adventure Yogi

Feel revived with essential oils such as rose and geranium to energise and cleanse in the winter months

8 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy This Winter | Adventure Yogi

January is a time to look after yourself and maintain happy hormones and energy levels...