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Have you ever stopped to think about what true happiness really is?


It’s a common thought process to think “When I have X then I’ll be happy”. But, what really is happiness?? Honestly, it seems we are always reaching for the next thing! The next promotion, the next goal, the bigger and better version. However,  when we finally reach that goal we have been striving for it’s not the experience we expected. Often, there is no sudden sense of abundance and joy at the end. Sometimes it makes us question once we get there, ‘am I really happy now?’.


To start, in our busy day to day lives we very rarely stop and give ourselves the time to stop and reflect. Annoyingly, we know that reflection is great on the journey but at the time, it feels like it’s taking time away from the mission! So, take some time out today to work through this journaling exercise.  For now, allow yourself the time to explore what happiness means to you. You never know, when you are done, you may feel more focused and dare we say it, happier!



Journalling Exercise


To begin, grab some paper or your favourite journal. Set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and write without stopping whatever comes to mind:


1. Happiness is… (10 mins)
2. True happiness is… (10 mins)
3. My favourite definition of happiness is… (one answer)



Often, the clearer we are about what happiness means to us the easier it will be to connect with it. Perhaps there will be a new habit or intention to create to ensure you do. You can read more about habits in my previous blog post here: 5 Healthy Happiness Habits.




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