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Discovering the Wellbeing Benefits of Herbal Tea and Launching My Own Tea Brand amidst the Challenges of Early Menopause and a Lack of Knowledge with Social Media!  

– A Guest Blog by Candice from Mother Cuppa

I am Candice, founder of Mother Cuppa – and yes, it’s an intentional play on words!  I’m a trained tea sommelier blending herbal teas to support women entering perimenopause and menopause. 

In my late teens I was diagnosed with endometriosis, my treatment resulted in me undergoing a medically induced but reversible menopause. As a result of that treatment, I find myself, at just 40, entering early menopause for what feels like the second time in my life. 

For over 20 years I have been on a self-discovery journey exploring how natural remedies could support my health & hormones. I’m a firm believer of nature’s natural medicines. I now share that knowledge with others. Each tea has a unique story from my health journey and is a perfect addition to those wanting to support their HRT, and for those choosing not to or who can’t use HRT. Menopause needs a holistic approach of your lifestyle and wellbeing. 

Launching a business in the throes of menopause is no easy feat, embracing new technology such as AI and TikTok (of all places you’d expect to find a menopausal woman!) I am powering through the brain fog, anxiety and insomnia in a bid to spread the word.


Why Herbal Tea?

It all started back in my late teens when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Going through treatments, including a medically induced but reversible menopause, I became more conscious of improving my lifestyle and diet habits to support my health. I was curious about the benefits of natural ingredients and started blending different teas at home to aid my wellbeing. This was before people chatted openly about their cycles or we had social media and so the local library and health food shop became my safe space to learn about what could help me with each challenge as I faced it. 

Each blend I created had a story behind it, representing a chapter of my wellbeing journey. Today, I am sharing the teas I have used across my life in the hope they support others.


My Peri-Menopause Journey

Due to my earlier medical interventions, I now find myself in early perimenopause at just 40 years old. This phase of life encouraged me to continue blending teas to support me through this cycle. I went back to my root, quite literally! Digging out old recipes and remixing them.

One of the most challenging symptoms I have struggled with is nighttime anxiety. I have never experienced anything like this before. I would wake in the night having a panic attack or feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath, it was pretty unsettling, and I found it incredibly difficult to calm down and get back to sleep. So, I started getting up and blending teas as a form of therapy. It was on one of these mornings at 3am when it suddenly dawned on me that I should really be sharing these teas with other ladies, just like me.   


Becoming a Tea Sommelier

I’m a huge tea enthusiast but having never practiced this as a profession and when wanting to launch the business, I also want to have some resemblance of authority behind what I was doing and sharing with the world. To enhance my knowledge and passion for herbal tea, I decided to become a trained Tea Sommelier with the London Tea Academy. The training opened my eyes to the fascinating world of tea, where flavours, origins, and processing methods play crucial roles. I discovered new ways to blend my tea’s and make them really taste very special.


Wellbeing Benefits of Herbal Tea

What I love most about herbal tea is its all-natural goodness and the centuries of history that surround each of the ingredients. Most medications we take today derive from plant-based ingredients and the history in the way they have been used. It’s calorie-free, caffeine free and a great addition to your daily fluid intake. I’ve developed a deep fascination with adaptogen plants, these are my favourites to work with. They are really powerful and have very much helped me to keep hormones balanced over the years. Promoting a balanced state of mind and body. This article will give some more details on the benefits and power of adaptogens – Ultimate Guide to Apoptogenic Herbs.


The Birth of Mother Cuppa

As a woman in her 40s with limited social media experience, I was initially intimidated by the idea of going on TikTok and Instagram and putting myself out there. I didn’t even know what a reel was a year ago! But after observing the platforms, I realised it was the perfect place to launch my business. Social media’s supportive community encouraged me to share my journey and tea blends through live events and regular videos. I can honestly say it’s been one of the best bits about launching a business. I have absolutely LOVED connecting with other ladies just like me. 


Mother Cuppa’s Unique Blends

I’m proud to have launched Mother Cuppa with three unique blends, each carefully crafted with women’s needs in mind: 

  1. Energise Blend: A superfood alternative to coffee, perfect for recharging and revitalizing energy levels for modern-day women. Learn more about this blend by watching my Youtube video here.
  2. Hydrate Blend: Formulated to keep women hydrated, especially during cycles, perimenopause, and menopause, ensuring they perform at their best. Learn more about this blend by watching my Youtube video here.
  3. Relax Blend: A powerful blend to bring calm and relaxation to the busy lives of women, supporting their wellbeing. Learn more about this blend by watching my Youtube video here.

Join Me on My Tea Journey!

I’m passionate about sharing my tea blends and the incredible benefits of herbal tea with women like you. Come find me on any of my social platforms to learn more about the ingredients I use and how they can positively impact your wellbeing. 

Embarking on this journey of herbal tea discovery has been empowering and fulfilling. Through Mother Cuppa, I hope to inspire and support women in their wellbeing journeys, helping them find balance and joy in every cup of tea. Together, let’s sip our way to a healthier and happier life!

You can find out a little more about me by visiting my website, following me on Instagram at @mother_cuppatea, check out my Tiktok at @mother_cuppa and Linkedin