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How To Stay Happy Over the Winter Months | Adventure Yogi How To Stay Happy Over the Winter Months | Adventure Yogi

How To Stay Happy Over the Winter Months | Adventure Yogi

As well known sun worshipers, we have often struggled in the winter months to remain our happy selves. And, we know we are not alone.


Happy. There is a phrase “what you resist persists” and this includes everything in life; getting ill or injured, a relationship ending, not getting the job you want and even the weather!

When we fight against something being a certain way it simply continues to wind us up. When we can be with what is, to practice acceptance, this opens up space to be able to think clearly about what we need to do to feel happy again.

Whether you love or hate the Winter it is here, it’s part of the cycle of life and it is here to serve us. It’s an opportunity for us to slow down, some time to draw within, rest after a busy year and slowly regenerate so our energy can return again naturally when it’s ready. After the busy summer months and all there is to do in the run-up to Christmas we can often feel more tired than usual. It’s so important to listen to this and allow yourself to slow down, just like nature is outside.


Here are my top tips to stay happy over the winter months


Allow your self to rest

Now is not the time to be pushing through and keeping going. This is your opportunity to stop, give yourself permission to nap! Everyone loves a happy nap! Now, obviously this is not always a reality for a lot of us especially if you have kids at home! So, lets embrace the natural rhythms of nature a little more. Going to bed earlier and getting an hour or twos extra snooze will help your body to heal and feel great! 

When it gets dark earlier, our bodies and minds crave hunkering down to rest and reset – let’s start to listen to this natural calling.

Get outdoors

We often wonder if you get bored of us saying – time in nature heals all! But, here we are again and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Is that a gap in the clouds? A break in the rain? Quick, grab your woolly hat and coat and get out there to embrace every moment of it. The winter can often be a great time to explore new places, try out new walks and ignite a sense of adventures closer to home.

Feel the sun on your face and smile a happy smile. Remember. winter doesn’t last forever, life is always constantly evolving.


Eat healthy warming comfort food

Time to embrace delicious, comforting bowls of nourishing foods. Think steaming soups made of root veggies, gently warming spices and simple recipes. Dig out those cook books at the back of the cupboard and try something new!


Allow for Quiet Time

 In silence we find answers. After the heat filled, hectic summer and transition of autumn, it is time to allow things to settle. Create moments to reflect, process and sink in. This is an important time and paves the way for the year to come! Those New Years resolutions need a happy foundation to be built on and this is what this time is. January/ February is a great time to be assessing what you want from your year ahead and planting the seeds of intention to start growing in Springtime.

You may want to indulge in journaling, meditation or yoga. Whatever your gateway to tapping into that head space is, now is the time to welcome it in in abundance.


Get Moving

All of that rest and reflection often needs a happy boost with movement! Make time to dedicate to movement but with no judgement or need for outcome outside of just being HAPPY! Dance around your kitchen, go to your favourite yoga class or grab your mates for a long walk – what ever sparks that moment of joy and creates warmth in your body. On days when we are feeling a little flat, our go to is to crank our favourite tunes up and fill the house with happy sounds! Music can be an instant, magic resolution to so many things. 


I used to always escape the Winter to sunnier climes but after a few years of being in the UK over this time, I have really learnt to appreciate natures wisdom and flow of life. I know I get tired during the winter and need to rest more, I know I will have new energy and ideas in Spring, I know I will be outdoors for most of the summer and in Autumn I enjoy letting go of the things that are not serving me any more ready for my rest time before doing it all over again. We are blessed. We deserve to be happy. 



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