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Self-Care Hacks for a Calm Springtime | Adventure Yogi

Spring into the new season

If women’s magazines are anything to go by, self-care is the well-being trend that shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. But whatever you might read, there’s a lot more to it than snuggling down with a cashmere blanket and lighting some scented candles (although these things are wonderful, and if they work for you, go for it!). The topic is huge and lots of people are talking about it and it is here to stay.

“Self-care is all about making small changes to help you feel more content, in control and less frazzled.”

Here are some tips to help you bring self-care into your life for a happier and calmer you.


Give your life the ultimate spring clean: your home, your wardrobe, your food cupboards, your wash bag. Spend some time going through each and ask yourself – ‘Do I use it now?’, ‘Will I use it again?’, ‘Does it make me happy?’. If the answer’s ‘no’ then it’s time for it to go- and if it can be reused or recycled, even better. Be ruthless, it’s amazing how liberating it is to clear some space.

Bring the Outside In

Houseplants don’t just add a pop of colour to a room; they help regulate humidity levels, absorb carbon dioxide and even improve air quality by removing airborne pollutants. All great for your health, but did you know they can make you happier too? Studies have shown having plants in your home helps reduce stress, improve mood and increase productivity and concentration levels. If you’re not green-fingered a succulent is easy to look after, looks stylish and will survive almost anywhere.


What they say about endorphins is true; getting active makes you feel happier. Whether you’re more at home at the gym, in the pool, on the yoga mat or pounding the streets, find an opportunity each day to stretch out and get your blood pumping.

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Learn the Art of Saying No

Don’t feel guilty about sometimes prioritising what you want to do over what you feel you should be doing to make other people happy. If it’s making you feel overwhelmed, turn down that invitation or request and give yourself the time you need to recharge and reset.

Be Thankful

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives. Keep a gratitude journal by your bed and at the end of each day note down three things which have made you happy and you feel lucky to have – it can be anything from a proper belly laugh with a good friend or a win at work, to simply finishing a great book.

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There we have it!  5 self-care hacks to help you achieve balance, calm and give time back to yourself because we all need it to be a happier, brighter person. We will be sharing more self-care hacks on the blog so stay tuned! If you are great at looking after yourself and see yoga retreats as a way to do this – have a look at what else we get up to in the UK and abroad.