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Jokis’ Top 3 Immunity Boosting Tonics – Indonesian Jamu | Adventure Yogi


Keep your immune system working in tip-top condition and it will have a positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing.  As you may know, foods that help boost immunity tend to be high in vitamin C and zinc as well as powerful antioxidants. All the good stuff! By boosting immunity and keeping our immune systems running well is important because if we do then get ill, our bodies are better equipped to deal with it. Better still, we are more likely to recover faster and be back on our feet and back to yoga. Yes, please!


Adventure Yogi chef Joki is well known for her tonics and remedies on retreats. In her retreat kitchen, she often rustles up natural medicines! Aiding anything from a tickly throat to insomnia and aching joints Joki knows her way around a spice cupboard. As a result of living and running a café in Bali she has a wealth of knowledge and believes in using food as medicine. With our lives being taken inside and a bit upside down, we asked her for her top immunity-boosting tonics. Enjoy!

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Firstly, a delicious Indonesian tonic Jamu is renowned for its amazing effects for immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory properties and super high antioxidants. Moreover, it genuinely is used as a medicine and is said to have been commonplace within Indonesian life for over a thousand years. There are many adaptations dependant on your illness or ailment. Here are Jokis’ three key Jamus’ for immunity boosting and everyday health.


As you will see, honey is used in all of these recipes because it has great antiviral properties. Feel free to omit it to make you Jamu vegan. 


King of Jamu

In a pan place…


  • A cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger
  • A teaspoon of grated turmeric or powder
  • Splash of apple cider vinegar
  • Dash of cayenne pepper
  • Boil and simmer for 10 minutes
  • Run through a sieve into your mug, add ½ teaspoon of honey and enjoy


Queen of Jamu

In a pan place…


  • 500ml of water
  • Thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and bashed.
  • Thumb sized piece of turmeric, no need to peel just rinse well.
  • Juice of 1/2 a lime
  • 2 stalks of lemongrass, gently crushed with something hard.
  • Boil for 5 minutes to release the goodness!
  • Simmer for 15 minutes longer if you want extra flavour!
  • Pour through a sieve and into your mug and add honey if you wish




Immunity-Boosting Spiced Jamu

In a plan place…


  • 1 cup water
  • Small cinnamon stick but powdered is fine
  • 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger
  • 4 cardamom pods.
  • Small pc of red chilli – depending on how spicy you want it!
  • Boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Pour through a sieve and straight into your mug.
  • Add honey if you wish and enjoy!


Jokis’ Jamus’  can be enjoyed hot, straight from the pan but they can also be allowed to cool and chilled in the fridge as a cold drink.

Let us know which one you tried and which one was your favourite by sharing your Jamu images with us on our Instagram and tagging us using @adventureyogi!