How to Choose a Detox Programme | Adventure Yogi How to Choose a Detox Programme | Adventure Yogi

How to Choose a Detox Programme | Adventure Yogi

What types of detox programmes are there?


There are lots of different types of detoxes and detox programmes you can try, but we recommend keeping it simple if detoxing is new to you. It can be a shock to you in a physical sense if you have never done it before and also in an emotional sense, and you don’t want to scare yourself!

If you are a seasoned detoxer, then you know what type of detox is good for you. Here are a few examples of detox programmes so you can see that there are plenty of options:

1. Mung bean fast

This is a nice gentle cleanse and detox programme where you combine mung beans and rice for 3 – 7 days, eating it at room temperature. This detox gives the body systems a chance to relax by having simple foods to digest. You will feel tired, especially when the “die off” of toxins kicks in, but stick with it. You will feel energised after. Remember to drink plenty of water.

2. A simple detox programme

On this detox programme, you’ll simply cut out all the usual toxic food groups such as wheat, dairy, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and refined foods. Replace these with fresh organic vegetables, brown rice, lots of greens, (fruit is included, but not too much) and plenty of spring water.

3. Juice fast detox

For the more experienced in detoxing, you may be ready to try a juice fast detox programme. It is best if you really read up and prepare for this type of detox. Firstly it is important to have started weaning yourself off your usual cravings and crutches. Make some time in your life, make sure you aren’t about to merge your company when you start this! De-clutter your house of chemical cleaning products. Buy organic vegetables to juice and nutritionist to help you supplement this process. Integrate breathing techniques and some exercise to help move the body systems.

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If you have not experienced many detox programme then build up to it. Start a detox programme that helps you to eliminate the usual suspects, and then move up to a combination of detoxing techniques and finally to the juice if you wish!


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