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Are you addicted to your smartphone – try this Quiz | Adventure Yogi

Do you get anxious if your battery runs out? Do you get nervous when you can’t access the internet from your mobile? You could be suffering from mobile phone addiction, officially called Nomophobia. Try our Quiz to see if you might need some digital detox?

Addiction Question 1

Your phone rings while you’re asleep. What do you do?

  1. Answer it on one ring, it lives under your pillow when you’re asleep anyway.
  2. Feel irritated about your sleep being disturbed, make a half-baked attempt to look for it then leave it to go to voicemail and go back to bed.
  3. It wouldn’t disturb your sleep. The mobile would be turned off and in a drawer.

Addiction Question 2

You’re meeting an old friend for drinks. They suggest you both turn your phones off so you can catch up properly without interruptions. How do you react?

A. Feel slight anxiety about not being able to check your emails for a couple of hours. Make your excuses and leave early.

B. Agree it’d be lovely to chat and leave your mobile in your bag but you’ll need to answer if the babysitter rings.

C. Say not to worry, you’ve left your phone at home anyway.

Addiction Question 3

You are at a gig watching your favourite band. Where is your phone?

  1. Held in the air videoing the whole thing of course
  2. In your pocket on vibrate, you won’t hear it over the music but you’re contactable in emergencies. Anything else can wait until you are home.
  3. No idea where it is. I’m here for the music. It wouldn’t even occur to me to bring it out.

AddictionQuestion 4

The waiter brings out your order at a fancy restaurant.  It looks delicious What’s your first reaction?

  1. Reach for your phone – “I must Instagram this meal.”
  2. Wow! I can’t wait to tuck in! Must add a review online later if the food tastes as good as it looks
  3. Can I start or do I have to wait for everyone else?


Mostly A  – Chances are you have an addiction to your smartphone! Your phone is like another limb, you panic if you don’t know it’s exact location but there’s not usually any need to worry as it’s usually about your person somewhere anyway. Try to set some boundaries with technology and pay more attention to what is going on around you.

Mostly B You love your phone and being able to connect with people but you are just as happy to connect with them in the real world. You love the advances and easy accessibility that technology brings but also enjoy having digital detox time without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Mostly C You can take or leave mobiles. You probably have an old Nokia where you can’t even access the internet. You see mobiles as a necessary evil of modern society since the decline of the phone box but you leave yours turned off most of the time much to your friends and family’s frustration.


If you feel you need to get away from your smartphone, try one of our Digital Detox retreats.  All of our retreats can be found on our calendar page and we encourage low-level phone usage on all retreats, and we don’t allow phones to be used in communal spaces on our UK retreats. Holidays are slightly different!