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9 Ways to Practice Self Care During Lockdown | Adventure Yogi 9 Ways to Practice Self Care During Lockdown | Adventure Yogi

9 Ways to Practice Self Care During Lockdown | Adventure Yogi

As we are sure you are very aware, things are little bit crazy in the world right now. Like, real crazy and scary.  We are all experiencing something as a worldwide community that only 2 months ago would have sounded like something from a Sci-Fi thriller and yet here we are, living it. As we venture into this tough time of the unknown and unprecedented there are things we can all do to make it more manageable. Here our top 9 ways to practise self care during lockdown.


Keep yourself active

We all know the amazing benefits keeping physically active has on our bodies and minds. Now that our yoga studios and gyms are no longer accessible, you must get a bit more creativity to practise self care during lockdown. Use the internet to its full advantage by using online yoga classes, fitness apps and even classes through your television. With the magic of apps, you don’t even have to keep active alone and can enjoy classes live with your community! It is so much fun! Make the most of your time outside as much as you can, jog to the shop, walk the dog or go for a cycle.


Keep Routine

It is very easy to slide into habits that do not positively impact us. It’s tempting to stay up late with the mindset of ‘well, I don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do tomorrow so it doesn’t matter!’. Humans thrive when they have some level of structure and routine. It creates a feeling of security, purpose and helps us feel grounded. In these challenging times those are all very important qualities to keep hold of. Try and stick to a healthy bedtime and morning routine and you will feel better for it.


Keep in Contact

We cannot stress this enough. Most of us live and work surrounded by other people every day and having a sudden loss of that interaction has more of an effect than we realise. Keep in contact with family and friends regularly. Check in on people that you know are living alone and don’t have any face to face contact. Phone your older family members so they know you are thinking of them. Use your Adventure Yogi Whatsapp groups from retreats to touch base with your retreat community. Your message may be what that person needed to not feel alone.


Keep Communicating

It’s not just keeping in contact but also how we communicate. A lot of people are scared, anxious and confused. All those feelings are very warranted and should not be ignored. If you feel that way, then share those feelings. Chances are the person you talk to feels it too and you can support each other. Allow for other people to have feelings you may not share and understand we all cope with stress and anxiety in different ways. Be a kind, listening ear.

If you need support from a professional then please do not hesitate to make contact with one of the many charities like Mind, Mental Health UK, Samaritans and even your local Womens Centre. There is nothing wrong about asking for assistance when you need it, they are there to help.


Keep Yourself Safe Physically

There are guidelines in place to keep you and you community safe – stick to them and stay at home as a great form of self care during lockdown. Eat well. Keep hydrated. Get enough sleep. Keep active. See this as the perfect time to really create your perfect eating and sleeping routines and habits!


Keep Yourself Safe Mentally

This is very important; we need to prioritise our mental health. Try and limit how much of the news and media you see each day. Limit your social media contact to just communicating directly with people who lift you up. Perhaps even take whole days off and ask friends or family to relay information that is essential news only. It is so easy for all this to feel exceptionally overwhelming. If you begin to feel weighed down by it all, exhausted or too emotionally connected then step away. Look after yourself, always remember that self-care is not selfish and self care during lockdown is more important than ever.



Now is a great time to really get stuck into your yoga practise. Perhaps, this is even the time to try and learn about yoga outside of asana! Try a meditation app and use that as part of your mental self-care. Read up about the yoga sutras and discover all the other elements that can help you through this time (hello there santosha!). Get on Spotify and listen to some uplifting Kirtan. Support your local yoga teacher by joining their online classes and enjoy creating your own at home practise!


Allow Yourself to Rest

It is not very often we are forced into rest mode. We usually spend our days rushing around, getting from here to there, planning this and that and generally keeping busy. This time at home doesn’t have to be like your normal daily life so don’t try and make it that way. Nothing is expected of you. Enjoy time just sitting in the garden watching the clouds float by. Find comfort sitting on the phone and chatting to friends. Relax with the company of the people you are living with. Allow your brain and your body some much needed and well-deserved rest from the modern world.



Fun is the best way to practise self care during lockdown. This is the perfect time to find your creative side! When was the last time you drew a picture or had the time to learn a new instrument? Learn a new language, practise your guitar skills, paint, take up hula hooping or crochet whatever you want! Make time for laughter. Listen to your favourite music and dance! Dance wildly and freely until you can’t help but smile and laugh. There is so much joy to be found in the simplest of pleasures, now is a great time to reconnect to them.  In fact, now is a great time to reconnect in every way. With your loved ones, our passions and priorities and of course with ourselves.


For more information or support during this time, CLICK HERE to be taken to Mind