Yin Yoga to Ease Back Pain

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Yin Yoga to Ease Back Pain

Yin yoga is a wonderful practice for releasing deep held tension in the body and mind, which is why yin yoga helps ease back pain...
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Yin Yoga for Burnout

Yin Yoga for Burnout   With the ever-increasing external stimuli from the busy-ness of life and distracting mobile phones it’s no wonder that many people...

Stay Happy Over the Winter Months

Happy. There is a phrase “what you resist persists” and this includes everything in life; getting ill or injured, a relationship ending, not getting the...
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Autumn Equinox – A Ritual for Autumn

Celebrate the Balance of the Seasons this Autumn Equinox   This Friday is the Autumn Equinox, the time when summer transits into the next season...
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Solar Eclipse Ritual for Manifesting Your Intentions

Absorbing the energy of the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon You may have heard about the solar eclipse that is happening today, coinciding with...