Chloe Webb


Chloe Webb

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Chloe spent her twenties living and working in London, running the kitchens in cool East London cafes whilst freelancing in events catering on the side. She broke up this hectic lifestyle with stints backpacking in Mexico, Central America, South East Asia and New Zealand, always taking inspiration from the colourful food she encountered on her travels. Those travels brought back culinary influences to her creations in the UK. Specialising in vegetarian and vegan cookery, Chloe accentuates seasonal vegetables, pulses and wholegrains with rich spices, zingy herbs and contrasting textures to create hearty, nourishing and delicious dishes. She has a particular interest in fermentation, and you’ll always get to try her inventive flavours of gut-healthy sauerkraut when she’s cooking!


When she returned to London after a spell of travelling, she realised that it was time for a change of pace, and moved to Norfolk the following year. Through the county’s stunning landscapes and coastline, she quickly found a newly ignited passion for the outdoors, as well as developing a dedicated yoga practice. Chloe learnt to appreciate how physical and psychological wellbeing is intrinsically linked with diet, movement and the natural environment, and began to see cooking and eating well as a vital element of holistic health. It seemed like a natural progression to use her nutritious, produce-led cooking and extensive experience in events catering to move into feeding hungry yogis on retreats and holidays.


As well as her travels, Chloe is inspired by the fantastic produce East Anglia has to offer, and sources as many ingredients as possible from Norfolk and Suffolk suppliers, particularly community farms, and even her own garden. By choosing seasonal produce which is local and, where possible, organic, vegetables cooked simply, with care and a bit of spice, become the star of the show. Chloe loves to persuade people that plant-based food can be exciting, and relishes the challenge of converting those who think they don’t like a certain vegetable to love it, through inventive cooking techniques or the right seasonings. She’ll be happy to answer your questions so you can take her veg-led cooking ethos home after your holiday.

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