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chef nikoleta serving food in beautiful landscape

Nikoleta Koleva

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Nikoleta’s philosophy is that the food we eat gives us pleasure in all possible ways – taste, aroma, texture and appearance, with quality wholefood ingredients. That the food we eat affects how we feel and behave in our daily lives, it impacts how we appreciate ourselves, others and the world as a whole. She specialises in raw and plant based cuisine and desserts from Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

For as long as she can remember, she has been interested in the nutritional value of food. While living in China, she discovered her calling: cooking while realising that plant based cuisine is the most challenging and highest form of nutrition and tasty version of food preparation. Nikoleta has been working as a professional plant based chef since 2013. She has worked in many kitchens around Southeast Asia and Europe, as well as improving her skills by taking on various plant based culinary courses.  

She is a chef instructor for vegan and raw food cuisine at a few culinary schools. She works as a consultant, private chef and enjoys catering for special events and retreats. Nikoleta is the author of a culinary book on Vegan Dessert and was also a culinary consultant for recipe development on a culinary book on healthy plant-based eating in Bulgaria.

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