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Time to prepare for sleep

The day is drawing to a close. Hopefully, your tummy is full of nutritious food, you feel relaxed but motivated with a stronger sense of your own personal power. Now, it’s time to unwind fully and prepare yourself for a great nights sleep.

Wash away the day with a warm shower and then treat your body to a full massage spending some real time to nourish your skin with your favourite body moisturiser or coconut oil. Start at your feet, massaging the oil or lotion in and slowly work your way up your body. Not only will your skin feel amazing but this gentle massage up the body will boost circulation, aid lymphatic drainage and soothe your nervous system. The perfect way to prepare you for sleep!

It’s time to switch off your social media and screens as well as your mind from the day. Sit up in bed listening to our ‘Sleep’ playlist while enjoying a lovely cup of herbal tea – our favourite is Pukka’s Night Time Tea.

Sleep tight.

We hope you have enjoyed your retreat at home.

We hope you feel calmer and more rested. You deserve to take time for yourself and hopefully, this will encourage you to do so more often.

Sleep well.