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woman legs and arms sat in meditation on yoga mat woman legs and arms sat in meditation on yoga mat

Time for Yoga

Now, it is up to you. If you are enjoying your day retreat on a day when our second class is later into the evening then you may wish to start getting dinner prepared so it is nearly ready for when you finish yoga!

Enjoy your class!

A little time for meditation

Click the link to take you through to a blissful full body relaxation while you digest lunch.

After your meditation, you may wish to just stay fully relaxed, curl up on the sofa with a great book, listen to one of our Spotify playlists or maybe treat your self to a little afternoon nap!

This would also be a great time to head out for a walk, embrace the joys of being outside and the wonderfully calming impact that being in nature can have on us. Walk mindfully, being aware of everything you can see, smell and hear. Turn your daily exercise into a mindfulness meditation by being fully present in the moment!