That Retreat Feeling

That Retreat Feeling

Welcome to That Retreat Feeling

We know that you strive to be your best self, yet in these difficult times, we all need more support than ever.

We are very excited to be launching ‘That Retreat Feeling’. Bringing 14 years of experience in delivering restorative and refreshing yoga retreats, only this time they are in the comfort and safety of your own home.

What is ‘That Retreat Feeling?’

  • A series of fully downloadable at-home retreat packages to suit your wants, needs and time, that you can use in synergy with our online yoga studio
  • Virtual retreats in your own home
  • A community of like-minded people

Read on below and don’t forget your free taster pack when you sign up below!

How to Create That Retreat Feeling

  1. Choose: a day of the week that suits you to create your at-home retreat day that fits around your schedule.
  2. Book: a morning and evening yoga class from our 14 classes from our 5 teachers, 7 days a week from our online studio
  3. Select: from our 3 downloadable at-home retreat packs dependent on what mood you’re in, to get That Retreat Feeling.
  4. Create: a whole day of self-care to de-stress, refocus, strengthen and find calm.
  5. Receive: so much great content to inspire and support from yoga classes, meditations, yoga Nidra, activities, workbooks, workshops.
  6. Feel: Like you have That Retreat Feeling!

Benefits include


Get some structure in your week or weekend, depending on your new and current situation in lockdown


Create a retreat day with a morning and evening yoga class, plus the retreat at-home download


Choose from 3 at-home retreat download packages to suit your mood


So much content you can use it again and again


Help you feel calmer, more relaxed, supported, rested, just like being on a retreat


It’s really affordable so no matter your situation you can get the support

One More Thing

An extra surprise

Our First Virtual At-home Retreat! 

We are launching our virtual at-home live-streamed day retreat with our AdventureYogi teachers Amy Williams and Jessamin Landamore and vegan chef Tanya Elizabeth.

When: 23rd May
How Much: £27

Extra surprise: sign up to our at-home virtual retreat on this date and receive one of our at-home retreat downloads and a day (that’s two) of yoga classes to create your own at-home retreat in your own time – absolutely free!

Book from 15th May

Sounds good?

Want to find out more and receive a free taster pack?

If so, simply add your details in the box below and you will be the first to get the chance to book the virtual retreat on the 23rd May and be the first to try our at-home retreat download packages.

And in the meantime, enjoy our taster pack when you sign up and start creating your at-home retreats:

Your Taster Pack Includes:

  • A guided meditation for finding focus
  • E-guide to creating your ‘Stay at Home Retreat’,
  • Chair Yoga for At-Home desk-workers video

So you can stop feeling fed up, bored and confused, and get back to the person you remember BC (Before Covid19)!

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