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Spring Equinox – Embrace The Season of Renewal | Adventure Yogi

Spring Equinox always feels like a real turning point in the year. Finally, we are emerging from the darkness of winter! Suddenly there is more light and with that comes a feeling of relief. It is, however a season of dramatic change. We are going to dive into ways to embrace this change and shift of the season with some top tips and ideas.


What is Spring Equinox?

Also called the vernal equinox, the spring equinox occurs each year around March 20th or 21st and has historically marked the first day of Spring! It is the day the sun crosses the equator from the southern to the northern hemisphere and runs along the equatorial line. This creates an equal time of day and night, twelve hours of each! In fact, the word equinox comes from the Latin meaning ‘equality of day and night’. Of course, we also have an equinox that falls in the autumn and marks the transition into winter.


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The Culture of Spring

The spring has always held a great deal of significance culturally as well as religiously and astrologically. Regardless of religion, Spring is universally seen and felt like a time of new life, positive change and renewal. In earlier times, this transition into spring was even classed as the New Year due to it being the season of regeneration and growth of plants and crops.


The history of this season is as intricate as it is fascinating. It is full of symbolism, myth and characters bound into the energy and abundance of the earth. For example, eggs have been associated with spring rituals for millennia. Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Gauls, and Chinese all embraced the egg as a symbol of the universe. An entire world and creation within the protection of its shell. Today, we gift chocolate versions, go hunting in the garden for them with children and still use them as a symbol for new life.

In pre-Christian Europe, people worshiped Eostre, the moon goddess of spring and fertility. Portrayed as standing among spring flowers and holding an egg in her hand with her sacred animal the hare. This hare laid eggs to honour her and we now know this sacred creature as, the Easter Bunny.



Spring Has Sprung

New life, growth, renewal and change. This season swings in after the darkness of winter with a flutter of feathers and reminds us better times lay ahead. It is no coincidence that during Spring Equinox we have urges to create radical change in our lives! From the simple clearing of cupboards and throwing out old clothes to make way for the new to planning big events, Spring gives us the boost to feel ready to take on what life throws at us. Furthermore, as the astrological start of the year, it is Aries season! Time to embrace that ‘go get ’em’ attitude and turn words into actions!


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Rituals for Spring Equinox


Clear The Way

Time to step away from everything the last year has thrown at you! Sometimes, it takes a truly conscious effort to remove obstacles out our path to clear the way for what’s ahead. Create a list of events from the last year that have caused you pain and upset and then light a candle, hold them over the flame and watch them burn away. If you can, use this time to talk to loved ones and share your ideas and experiences so that it never feels overwhelming.


Out With The Old

Is there anything more satisfying than a spring clean?! Turn on your favourite tunes, open the windows and let’s clear out the excess stuff! Spring Equinox isn’t just about letting go of the thoughts and feelings holding you back. The physical things and clutter in your home have an impact too!¬† Here are our spring cleaning tip tips

  • Take on just one room at a time!
  • Use it as a time to reconnect with your sentimental possessions and all the wonderful memories they hold.
  • Have a bag for collecting the items that can go to charity shops or women refuges ready.
  • Clean as you go.
  • Check out Marie Kuondo for some tips!


Time In Nature

The leaves are starting to come back, the daffodils are glowing yellow and the blossom is starting to peak through. There is so much new life and beauty around at this time of the year! Furthermore, Spring Equinox means the days are longer with extra sunlight for us to be outside earlier in the mornings and later into the evenings. The abundance and new life in Spring is most evident in nature so, make sure you spend some time reconnecting with the natural world around you.


  • Wake up for sunrise, wrap up and sit with your morning tea or coffee and listen to the birds call in the new day.
  • Take a walking meditation. Slowly walk around your local park or woodland and tune into noticing the smaller details of the natural world you would otherwise miss.
  • Plant something. Whether it’s a new herb for your windowsill or flowers in your garden, get your hands into the dirt and nurture new life by growing something.
  • Create a wildlife haven in your outdoor space. A birdbath, feeder or insect hotel is not only helping wildlife but is great fun, especially with children.


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Spring Forward

Now you have cleared the way, it is time to look forward! If you find you struggle with New Year’s resolutions in January then use this astrological New Year at Spring Equinox as your time instead. We always feel far more positive and focused on the challenges that lay ahead once the darkest months have passed.

  • Make a list of all the things you want to achieve this year. Remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting! Sit with that list and think and reflect on all the ways you can make them possible to achieve! Positive action will get you there.
  • Create a vision board. Not only does making something feel really fulfilling but your vision board will then be a visual reminder of your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Even better, do this with friends and share those thoughts as you go!
  • Set an intention. A single word or short phrase that can become your own personal Mantra. Try our intention setting workshop.


Spring Equinox Offerings

As a sign of gratitude for all that this life offers and the opportunity to start fresh over spring equinox, you may wish to give something back in return! It may be that your offering is something for nature, like a bee loving plant for your garden or it could mean donating money to a charity. A wonderful thing to do is join a volunteer group in your local area and help plant trees or support your community in some way.


We hope you enjoy this magical season!


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