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Setting Intentions for the New Year | Adventure Yogi

Intentions for New Year


It’s that time of year where we start to think about setting intentions for the year ahead. We spend most of our lives on autopilot. We do, do, do and rarely think consciously about what is going on in front of us. Thank goodness for this – or our already busy and tired brains would overload! There are some points in our lives, however, where it is important to stop, assess, and think about the life we would like for ourselves.


The transition into a new year is a natural time to stop and reassess, so we have put together a little home “how to” with our teacher, Amy helping you set your intentions for the New Year, which will form the basis of starting to achieve any goals you may have. Our blog post on 10 things you will never regret doing, may also provide some food for thought!


You will need:

4 pieces of paper
A pen
A fire, preferably, or some scissors!



Sit in a quiet space, this is a time to reflect.

  1. Choose three words: one to sum up NOW, one to sum up 2019, and one with what you wish for 2020
  2.  Write down why you chose those words
  3. Place the piece of paper in your lap, close your eyes and meditate on those words and any feelings they create.


Intentions to Explore

  1.  On three separate pieces of paper write the words “I LOVE”, “I HOPE”, “I CHOOSE TO LET GO OF”
  2. Spend 5 minutes on each heading, writing down what comes bubbling up for each of these actions
  3. With your “I choose to let go of” sheet, read it out loud and then place it, throw it, screw it up whatever you wish and put it into the fire. Watch it disappear. You can cut it up with some scissors if this is easier for you.


Intentions to Move Forward

  1. On the back of your  ‘I hope’ list, write a short letter to yourself including everything you hope for and place it with your three words that you wish for in 2020 in the envelope to be kept sealed until next New Year.
  2. Meditation, on the things that you love, and that brings you energy. These questions can help you do this.


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