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Harness the Full Moon’s Power: A Guided Release Ritual


The full moon is a time of heightened energy and intensity, a moment to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace new beginnings. Here at Adventure Yogi, we believe in the transformative power of the full moon, and we invite you to join us in harnessing this energy through a guided full moon-releasing ritual. Discover our retreats that coincide with the Full Moons of 2023 and 2024. Click here to explore our yearly calendar and plan your transformational journey.



Step-by-step Full Moon Ritual Guide

1) Set the Intention

Before we dive into the ritual, set your intention. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re ready to release from your life. Grab your journal or a piece of paper and write down your intentions. Use specific, positive language, focusing on what you want to let go of.


2) Create a Sacred Space

Choose a serene and undisturbed space for your ritual. Light candles, burn incense, play soft music, or arrange crystals to create a sacred ambience. You can join us in sacred locations such as Madeira for the Hunter’s Full Moon on October 28th 2023 or harness the energy among the beauty of the Atlas Mountains during the Beaver Full Moon in November 2023.


3) Meditate and Centre Yourself

Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself. Close your eyes and visualize the things that no longer serve you leaving your life. Feel the lightness and freedom that comes with letting go.


4) Write Down What You Want to Release

Take your piece of paper or journal and write down what you want to release in your life. Be specific and use positive language. For example, instead of saying “I want to let go of fear,” say “I am free from fear.”


5) Release What No Longer Serves You

As you write down what you wish to release, take a moment to let go of any negative energy or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Write down anything that no longer serves you and that you’re ready to let go of.


6) Burn Your Paper

Safely burn the paper. As the paper turns to ash, visualize the things you want to release leaving your life. Say a prayer or affirmation, expressing gratitude to the universe for assisting you in this process.


7) Take Inspired Action

After your ritual, take inspired action towards releasing what no longer serves you. It can be as simple as making a plan or taking a small step towards letting go of what you’ve written down. Trust that the universe will guide you, but remember, it’s up to you to take action.


Your Full Moon Retreat Awaits

Performing a full moon ritual is a powerful way to release what no longer serves you and make space for new beginnings. By joining us on a retreat, you’ll tap into the universal power of release and experience the profound peace it brings to your life. Connect with the energy of the full moon and release what holds you back for a brighter future. Explore our New Moon Ritual here to manifest your desires!


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