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man cross legged kali mudra man cross legged kali mudra

Kali Mudra

Mudras are the hand gestures used in yoga to facilitate the flow of energy through the body. You already do them in your yoga practice without even knowing! Each time you bring your hands together at the heart in your yoga class you are practising Anjali Mudra!

Palli as the Kali mudra is also called, meaning shelter in Sanskrit is a mudra for connecting to our inner guide and finding trust in our intuition. It is about building the internal fire and strength that we feel and see in ourselves. It is also a great mudra for creating a sense of grounding which in turn, encourages a feeling of inner strength as we feel safe and secure.

To do Kali Mudra, bring palms open to the ceiling and cross your index finger over your middle finger. Then, bring the tip of your thumb to meet the tip of your ring finger. Rest the backs of the hands onto the knees and begin your meditation.

Why practise Kali Mudra

Using Kali Murda in your meditation is said to:

Create a feeling of centering
Inspire trust in our intuition
Develop inner strength
Boost feelings of optimism
Supports the release of limiting beliefs and patterns

Lets put it into practise

Sitting comfortably, place your hands in your Palli Mudra onto your knees so they are supported and rested.

Close your eyes and allow a few minutes to settle into your meditation, allowing for full, soft breaths and consciously relaxing the muscles and joints of the body.

Begin to think of a time that you fully trusted your gut instincts. How did it feel to have that unwavering certainty? Sit with the thought and any feelings that may arise from it for a few minutes.

When you are ready, un-do your mudra and place palms down onto the knees. Allow for one big, full breath before opening your eyes.