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Pranayama Practice

We often take for granted the simple act of breathing. This vital and instinctive action of breathing in and breathing out that sustains our life. In yoga, this prana, or vital life force, is an integral part of the practice and tapping into the full range of benefits that yoga can bring.

Simha Pranayama

Lion Breath

This empowering pranayama is also an asana –

Simhasana, due to its active qualities and physical benefits! We love using it as a stress buster or when feeling a little down as after a few rounds you just can’t help but have a smile on your face! It is energetic, awakening and helps ease the mind of chatter. Associated with the throat chakra, Simha helps to boost confidence and enable us to feel strong and empowered in our selves, our truth and voice.

How to Practise Simha Pranayama

There are a number of ways to practise Simha but whichever way you choose it will leave you feeling inspired boosted and ready for anything!

To start, find a comfortable seat, settle in and take a few deep breaths to relax. Allow yourself time here, don’t rush.

When you feel ready take a deep inhale and as you exhale, open your mouth, stick out your tongue stretching all the muscles in your face and loudly sigh the breath away.

You can make as much noise as you wish! This isn’t pranayama to be shy about, stretch your face, stick out your tongue and go for it!

Start with just 5 rounds at the start of your asana practice and gradually work your way up to 10.

You can embrace your inner lion in a number of asanas during your practice. Goddess, seated and cat-cow are great ways to begin to introduce stronger pranayama into your usual physical routine.

This is a heat-generating pranayama so is great to do at the start of practice to prepare the body for asana.