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We’re taking you to the beautiful Italian Island of Sardinia, located in the Mediterranean Sea and renowned for its breathtakingly natural beauty, turquoise sea and captivating rock formations. We will be staying in the north coast of the island, near Capo Testa and the vibrant town of Santa Teresa Di Gullara. Gallura means ‘stony’ and this area is famous for its granite rocks, weathered and shaped by the elements.

Yoga holidays in Sardinia are an unique experience, with a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to practice. In your down time you can indulge in local pastries, wines and cheese and explore the ruins of ancient civilizations and mysterious stone towers.

Or escape to the Archipelago Della Maddelena Islands on a boat to the swimming area of ‘La Piscina’ and take in all this beautiful location has to offer.

Be prepared to be wowed by the crystal clear water, endless beaches, local hospitality and rejuvenating yoga in Sardinia.


New for 2023 - have a look at reviews from other locations to see what you get with us.

Michelle - Founder AY x

"After only having done one retreat with Adventure Yogi, it has quickly become the benchmark for all my future retreats. The Peak District retreat was held in the most luxurious of venues and every detail had been well thought out. The food was vegetarian, hearty and wholesome, dare I say that it sometimes felt like there was too much - and I have a good appetite! For me the food on a retreat is a very important part and the chef far exceeded my expectations. I love that Adventure Yogi always have other activities apart from yoga to hand as well, and the hikes in the Peaks were a great way of getting out and seeing the local scenery. There was plenty of yoga too, outside when the weather was good. All in all, I had a fantastic time with like minded yogis and lovely staff, suffice to say it will not be my last!"

Nicola - 5 star review on google - 2022

"I had the most wonderful time in Montenegro! I've never come back from a holiday feeling so rested and restored. The location was spectacular, and the morning dips in the waterfall were the perfect way to wake up before morning yoga sessions! Yoga with Felicity was great, as was the food. I will definitely be booking a holiday with Adventure Yogi, and more trips to Montenegro, in the future."

Kate - 5 star review on google - June 2022

"I've been on 2 very different retreats with AY and both were unforgettable experiences. I spent a long weekend in Cornwall and then ventured overseas to Costa Rica!! The AY team are incredible. What I love most is that you don't even realise they are working most of the time, they just feel like one of the gang! But they really look after you. The retreats are a perfect balance of yoga and fun adventure. The yoga is inspiring. The food... Well what can I say... Spectacular!!! Can't wait until my next trip"

Claire - 5 star review on google - 2019 and 2022

"Our party of four had a great retreat in Sussex Downs. Louise was a thoughtful yoga teacher and the group was lovely. Great food and plenty of it too. Such a restful and renewing experience and we are now planning our next retreat! Thank you Adventure Yogi team."

Priya - 5 star review on google - Sussex - 2021

"AdventureYogi trips are incredible, you get to engage in new pursuits, enjoy restoring and rejuvenating yoga with amazing yogis, savour the delights of vegan chef magicians and be embraced by awesome venues. And you get to giggle, laugh and cry your way through this with amazing new friends. The team are super professional, flexible and honest and have shown up with the best of intentions, real care and clarity in the hardest of times! Really, you don't need to look anywhere else!!"

Sian - 5 star review on google - Cornwall - 2021

Sardinia Yoga Holiday Location

  • Situated on the north coast of the island to the east near Santa Teresa Di Gallura
  • Stay in a luxury villa with a pool right on the Mediterranean sea with sea views and a breeze
  • Choose from single and twin room options
  • Spectacular beaches all around
  • The nearest sandy beach is a 10-minute walk
  • Day trip to Santa Teresa town and Capo Testa
  • Day trip on a sailing boat to explore the Archipelago Della Maddalena islands and be in awe of their beauty
  • Only 1.5 hrs away from Olbia airport

FAQ's for Sardinia

What is Sardinia known for?

Sardinia is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with crystal clear waters and white sand. It is home to a mysterious Nugaric civilization, which left behind thousands of stone towers called nuraghi. Sardinian cuisine is famous for its fresh seafood, succulent meats, and delicious cheeses and wines. There are also several national parks, including the Gennargentu National Park, which is home to rugged mountains, deep canyons and pristine lakes.

How do I get there?

You fly into Olbia airport and it is a 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from the venue.

How do I get there overland?

There are good trains in Europe and across France if you are coming from the UK. You can catch a ferry from Nice or Antibes to sardinia and arrive at Palau which is a 30-minute drive to our venue. The ferry can be taken as a night ferry or a daytime ferry from France and it is a long journey but you stop in Corsica first so you get to see some of Corsica's beautiful coastline too. Let us know if slow and low carbon travel is your preferred mode and we can help.

How to Get to Sardinia From Rome?

There are two ways to get from Rome to Sardinia, either by plane or by boat.

Flying is definitely the quickest but you can also take a ferry from Porto Civitavecchia which is 55 miles outside of Rome.

What's the weather like in Sardinia?

Sardinia has a beautifully warm Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.

May brings temperatures around the low-20s with lighter evenings.

September has average highs of 26 degrees with evenings cooling to a delightful 17 degrees.

Is yoga equipment included?

No it isn't

Are there hairdryers?

We always advise to bring one with you if you need one.