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Ireland has always been a land of romanticism. From the charm of its’s people to the richness of its’ history it feels a special place. And, it is!

Our location makes the most of this special feeling by embracing the wide variety of landscapes and environments that the Connemara is known for. We will be based on the edge of Irelands’ only true Fjord with views out to the West (perfect for sunset) and the surrounding mountains and rolling hills. It feels wild, rugged and exciting!

This amazing spot also means we are in the perfect place to explore and have adventures! Access to the water is a hop, skip and jump across the garden from the yoga studio so sunrise cold water swims and kayak tours are readily available. Connemara National Park is only 15 minutes away and the stunning white sand beaches of Glassilaun are a beautiful 20 minute journey past lochs and mountains.