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Iceland Yoga Retreats

Iceland is most widely known for its glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and dramatic volcanic landscape. It is the most sparsely populated country in Europe with only 360,000 inhabitants. It is the land of light and darkness with the famous aurora in winter and the midnight sun in summer with 24 hours of sunlight.

We love the idea of a yoga holiday in Iceland because it is the second-best environmentally friendly country in the world after Finland. Even though they are very free with their heating (as it is considered their luxury item as it is so cold and dark a lot of the time) they get their heat source from the 800 hot springs throughout this volcanic island.


Iceland is an expensive destination to go to, but with its uniqueness to any other country on the planet and with it being on everyone’s bucket list to visit at least once (maybe twice, summer for midnight sun and winter for the aurora), it is something that you have to just accept and go with it as a once in a lifetime experience.

On our adventure in Iceland, you are staying away from the touristy south of the island and will be experiencing the raw nature in the northeast. We highly recommend staying in Reykjavik the night before the retreat so the journey can be part of the adventure.




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