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solar eclipse manifesting solar eclipse manifesting

Solar Eclipse Ritual for Manifesting Your Intentions | Adventure Yogi

Absorbing the energy of the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon


You may have heard about the solar eclipse that is happening, coinciding with the new moon. This is a potential time to be clear about what you want to create in your life.

Time to ask, what are your deepest desires?

New moons symbolise new beginnings and solar eclipses energetically give us an extra boost for transformation in our lives. Out with what is no longer serving us, the darkness, and welcome in the new, the light!

You may already begun to feel like a chapter is coming to an end in your life. Perhaps, it now feels like it’s time to move forward into something new? Maybe some things have been coming up that you don’t like, old patterns, habits, feeling stuck in a job or relationship? This can all be heightened around this time so you have the opportunity to think “OK, what is next? What is my intention for the future?”

Energetically today/tomorrow is a perfect day to take some time to sit, to be still and connect with your higher Self. Your light. So you can ask what is next for me? Once you have clarity around this then you can set your intentions to help create what you want for your life.

Louise Dancer Pose

Here are our tips and rituals for the Solar Eclipse

  1. Sit for 5 minutes or more and focus on breathing in and out equally. In for 4 out for 4. (Can be more if you feel comfortable doing so.) This will help to settle you and draw within, letting the external fade.
  2. Once you feel settled drop in to just observing, watching the breath flow, and thoughts come and go. Allow yourself to just sit like this for at least 6 minutes. (Setting a timer can help.)
  3. When you feel connected to the calmer peaceful place inside ask your higher self “what is next for me?”. Maybe even, “what is for my higher good?”. Or, “what will bring me joy?”. Just watch what arises.
  4. Then when you feel ready open your eyes and journal, write down everything that comes up even if it doesn’t make sense. Notice fears but don’t feed them, focus on what you want in your heart.
  5. Hopefully, by now you are starting to feel clear about your intentions.  A powerful exercise to do is to describe what your life is like once you have got them. For example, writing it as if it’s a date next year and you are detailing how life is now you have created this change. This really helps you to experience what you want to create now. In turn, helping to bring it to the forefront of your consciousness. When something is in the front of our minds it helps to direct our actions and to notice the opportunities that arise to help us.
  6. Finally come back to just sitting, breathing slowly, bringing your hands together in prayer with a bit of space in-between your palms. Imagine, filling this space with your dreams. Finally, on a slow exhalation, open your fingers like a flower and release them to the Universe.

Enjoy the powerful energy of this eclipse.

solar eclipse manifesting

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