raw cacao chocolate recipe raw cacao chocolate recipe

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Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate Recipe

Honestly, nothing hits the spot like a raw cacao hot chocolate when it’s cold out! Can we let you in on a secret? This is the best homemade hot chocolate you will ever make and ensure you never buy those sugar-filled pre mixes ever again! Seriously, this is in fact packed full of essential minerals, magnesium and antioxidants so really you could call it a health-food. Raw cacao is not only delicious, it also firmly falls into the category of superfoods, so you can drink a yummy warm snack or dessert while enjoying all the health benefits.

We love adding some added extras so if you’re feeling adventurous try some ginger for a bit of a kick, cinnamon, raw honey or if you are feeling like you need a real warm-up, add some fresh red chilli in, just remember to take it out before you drink it!

 What you will need (serves 2)

2 mugs of milk of your choice. Oat and almond are the creamiest but we also love coconut milk

2 tbsp raw cacao nibs or powder

¼ tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp maple syrup

Any flavours you wish to add or try it unsweetened


What to do

Warm through milk in a saucepan, over low heat

Mix in the raw cacao nibs or powder

Add vanilla and maple syrup, taste

Pour into mugs and enjoy!


We hope you enjoy this delicious superfood treat – or “The Mug of Goodness” as we like to call it and enjoy the natural zing it gives you! And while you’re at it, why not try our yummy Spiced Hot Chocolate.


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