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Podcasts to Parties – 5 Ways to be Online Positively | Adventure Yogi

We are online more than ever.

Not only does it entertain us but also inform, educate and connect us! Suddenly, we can learn from people the other side of the world and hold discussions with communities out of our physical reach. In many ways we have become more connected than we have ever been, all through the power of the world wide web. The internet has had a lot of bad press over the years and although it can be a negative space it can also create amazing, positive experiences too! Here are our favourite ways to be active online positively!



Learn a New Language Online

As adults, we find it hard to really get to grips with a new language. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help us learn from the comfort of our own homes. Apps like Duolingo make great starting blocks and more complex teachings like Rosetta Stone take your conversational skills to the next level. Even just using the google translate app day-to-day to discover new keywords or phrases can be helpful and fun! The best way, however, is to join a live online class! Private tuition or joining a group with a speaker of the language you wish to learn and often at reasonable prices. It is the most fun and beneficial way to really learn, allowing you to ask questions and maybe even make a new friend!

Check out ZoomSPANISH and ConnectWithSpanish


Practise Yoga Online

As yoga studios have closed their doors for a while, yoga teachers have opened up their homes! There has never been such a vast wealth of knowledge and resources available through online yoga classes. Teachers worldwide are taking their classes to wider audiences and creating the opportunity for people who would otherwise not be able to do their sessions. Here at AdventureYogi, we have now launched our own online timetable! Live classes from our experienced team to guide you through daily classes. Vinyasa, Hatha, yin, restorative and blissful meditations to energise and relax you!

Want to join us? Follow the link HERE





Hang Out with Friends

If you haven’t discovered this yet, it is about time you did! Online Apps like Zoom and HouseParty enable large groups of friends to connect on the internet via webcams for virtual parties and gatherings. It may be you enjoy a civilised meal, watch the latest Netflix series together or even open up your own virtual cocktail bar! Zoom allows you all to meet up, see and talk to each other in realtime. You could even just all catch up for a cup of tea and chat. The most fun, however, is to get all your mates together, create a playlist on Spotify for you to all listen too and turn your living room into a dancefloor! Not only are you having lots of fun but also getting some exercise and giving your mind a break from the real world. Even if it is, just for a while.



Submerge into Podcasts

Podcasts have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years. Essentially, they are now an industry all of their own. Not just on the internet but also through apps and music streaming platforms. Many are educational, discussing key topics around the world politically, socially and environmentally. Some are designed to help you kick start your own business or hone your skills. Others are purely for fun, reading stories and audio comedy shows, talk shows that bring a lighthearted outlook on our world.  There are also some amazing podcasts directed at wellbeing which cross borders and boundaries of education and entertainment in one. One of the best thing’s podcasts do is allow us to hear people stories. Inspiring content is not hard to find and some specialise in bringing incredible people into one place to share those experiences. It creates an uplifting, heartfelt connection via a unique medium and a worldwide audience.

Here are some of of our favourites! 

Fearne Cotton – Happy Place Podcasts

Gabby Bernstein –  Emerging Women Podcasts

Ella Grace Denton  – ReWilding Podcast



Learn a New Skill Online

We have all heard of YouTube. The online video sharing network that has launched trends, companies and ideas into the wider world. The best bit, it is free. And there is not a lot you cant find out about or learn from its millions of channels and vloggers. Want to learn how to crochet? There are thousands of videos ranging from the very basics to the most intricate designs. Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Take your pick of the million classes available to you. You can find tips on how to draw, how to create plant hangers, use watercolour paints, decorate amazing cakes, apply makeup, make your own clothes, create a vegetable garden and even how to properly wash the dog: the list is endless.




I know we threw in a sneaky 6th. When in doubt, watch videos of puppies and kittens. It is quite possibly, the best thing on the internet and the easiest way to distract you from fake news, put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart!



The internet can be an amazing place to connect, a space to learn and discover new things. Remember, you can choose what you view.  If you find yourself getting drawn into negative comments, and unkind responses or upsetting content notice that pattern, step away. Lets make more space for fun, interaction and learning through the world wide web.