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Feeling Frazzled? It’s time for a Digital Detox | Adventure Yogi

Have you ever considered having a digital detox?

We often think of a detox as an internal cleanse, cutting out certain foods for a few days and flushing our system through.

A detox doesn’t just have to be dietary, though. You may be feeling vibrant and healthy diet wise but perhaps depleted from other external influences such as people in your life, work overload or too much time on your phone or laptop. I know I often feel like this!

The constant bombardment of texts, emails, and calls is a complete distraction from the moment, making it very hard to keep focused on one thing for long. This then adds to the stress and the feeling of not enough time. Adding to that the ever-growing need to keep checking various social media and then the mind-numbing time we can spend in front of a TV, trying to switch off but actually not really doing anything really nourishing for our souls.

If you are a busy person, you may feel yourself coming close to burnout and this is not good.  Here are some tips about how not to do this – including a digital detox – so give it a go – it may be the best thing you ever did!

Is the thought of being without your phone or laptop bringing you out in a cold sweat? Never fear – here are some simple ways to ease into your digital detox.

digital detox preparation


How to prepare for a digital detox

It’s important to prepare for the big switch off or it can cause you more stress worrying about people trying to get in touch with you.

Set your out of office and voicemail to say you are out of reach until X and will not be checking messages.
Leave an alternative emergency contact if it’s a work matter and warn the person who may be contacted!
See if the place you are going to has a landline and give that to the family just in case of emergencies, only if you feel you will be worried about that.
Plan beforehand to get all your important things done/ emails sent before to avoid any sudden thoughts of things you forgot to do.
Plan something fun to do, away from a screen….outdoors if the weather is nice!


Benefits of a digital detox

Focus your attention on the person/people you are with
Sleep better
Enjoy the moment
Have space to think clearly and in perspective
Be creative
Have separation from work life – you can ask a colleague to manage your urgent communication so you can really switch off.
Really have time to notice how screens and technology affect you and your sleep patterns, your anxiety and stress levels, our overall mood
By noticing these things you can then learn tools to put in place to manage these areas – such as switching phones off at 8pm, having a bath and reading before bed instead of watching the TV. Practicing yoga or meditation before bed for a better sleep.

nature time digital detox connection

Timeout to reflect

Whilst you are switched off it’s a great time to contemplate your life. How do you feel it is going and what you have learned? Take a notebook and pen and work through the following questions:

In the past year

• What have I achieved?
• Have I learned anything?
• What do I want to stop doing?
• Is there something I want to continue doing?
• What would I love to create in my life?
• How do I make that happen and when am I going to do it?

meditating in field group

How long is a good length for a detox?

If you can manage a few days you’ll really get a lot of benefit from it. Initially, it can be hard. However, once you give up the idea of checking online you relax into the moment and what you are doing.

However, even a day or a few hours in the evening will help. Obviously, you won’t need to do all the preparation above for a short time.

Switching off a few hours before bedtime will help you sleep.

It might seem crazy even having to discuss this. However, when you look around at people on their phones at a dinner table or walking down a busy street you can see how addicted we are!

Thank you to Louise Windsor from CreateYourself. Louise wrote this informative blog about digital detox. 

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