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Costa Rica Yoga Holiday – 7 Reasons to Love the Tropical Haven | Adventure Yogi Costa Rica Yoga Holiday – 7 Reasons to Love the Tropical Haven | Adventure Yogi

Costa Rica Yoga Holiday – 7 Reasons to Love the Tropical Haven | Adventure Yogi

We are seriously excited about our Costa Rica Yoga Holiday. The tiny country of Central America packs an almighty punch boasting some the most accessible biodiversity and enough adventures to keep adrenaline enthusiasts entertained for months! Here are our top reasons to love Costa Rica!


Pura Vida

Simply translated, Pura Vida means ‘pure life’ or ‘simple life’ and is how Costa Ricans say hello and everything is going great! But, this is more than just a greeting; pura vida is a way of life! There is a good reason why Costa Rica has been named the happiest country in the world as they aim to embody this relaxed, go with the flow, less stress and smile more way of embracing the challenges that life throws their way. It is contagious and something you can’t truly understand until you have felt it and seen it in action. Hopefully, this positive outlook and attitude is something you wont just experience in the jungle but you will bring home with you to keep the pure vida good vibes alive!

Impressive Eco Credentials

Get comfy, we are going to hit you with some numbers now. Costa Rica occupies only 0.3% of the earths surface but impressively boasts over 5% of the worlds biodiversity with over 25% of the country protected as national parks and wildlife reserves. That is the highest percentage in the world making Costa Rica a true super hero in environmental stewardship. Conservation is part of the culture of this rich paradise making every corner a nature lovers dream! Rainforests, cloud forest, mangrove swaps, beaches and coral reef are just a few of the 12 eco systems you can experience when you visit. We love a country that takes so much pride is protecting its environment and keeps such high standards in eco tourism.


Wow. Well it is safe to say that when it comes to wildlife, Costa Rica is a bit of a show off! All of those impressive credentials have resulted in an abundant array of species. There are over 1,200 species of orchids, over 35,000 species of insects, 160 known species of amphibians, 220 reptiles, 850 birds and an impressive 205 mammal species all within a tiny country. We can all agree that’s impressive! What that means for you is you get the opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife on a daily basis. The meditative chorus of insects that hum you to sleep each night and cheeky families of monkeys. Multi coloured frogs hiding in the lush leaves, toucans and macaws flying overhead and of course the infamous Sloths quietly hanging around! I wonder how many you can see from our yoga shala?

Costa Rica Yoga Holiday

Beautiful birds fill the trees around our yoga shala


With over 880 miles of coastline there are lots of beaches to choose from. You can always find your own secret slice of paradise! Costa Ricas’ beaches are renowned as being some of the finest in the world with some of the best surf. Hidden coves and miles of palm tree lined stretches are all there for you to explore! Stands selling freshly cooked corn cobs and chilled coconuts keep you fed and hydrated, horses patrol the tide line and if you are lucky you may see tiny turtles emerge from the sand to find their way to the ocean. If you join us on our magical yoga holiday, expect sunrise meditations sat overlooking the sea and yoga classes with some of the most breathtaking sunsets and sand between your toes. It’s all part of that pure vida experience.


The pura vida mentality also flows in to the diet of Costa Rica. Food is clean, simple, local and nutritious. Drawing form both Caribbean and Central American culture, Costa Rican food is characterised by the use of simple bases such as rice, corn and beans. The most famous of all is the breakfast staple of Gallo Pinto, black beans and rice. Fried plantains, slowly stewed vegetables and steamed yucca accompany tasty, gently spiced dishes and salads. With the increase in tourism Costa Rica has seen a rise in cafe culture with some incredible food and coffee! Be prepared to indulge in some of the most incredible tropical fruits you have ever tasted!! Mango, papaya, pineapple, guavas, passion fruits, avocado, watermelons and coconuts are fresh, local and beyond mouthwatering! As if that wasn’t enough of course we cant forget the world famous coffee and chocolate. It’s rich, pure and delicious!

Things to do

Costa Rica has secured its place as a destination for thrill seekers. Imagine zip lining through the tree canopy with the birds and monkey’s and hiking to hidden waterfalls. Drive a quad bike up a mountain to take in the 360  view of the jungle below or horse back ride across the beach. Take tours of the local plantations and guided nature tours into national parks. All of this is at your fingertips. If you prefer your activities ocean based you can surf, body and snorkel. There is so much to do on our Costa Rica Yoga Holiday! Of course, you can always enjoy the blissful art of doing absolutely nothing. Snuggle into a hammock and watch the world go by with a refresco – a delicious frozen, fresh fruit drink. Lounge by the pool with a book and try not be distracted by the playing monkeys.

costa rica zipline

Our Yoga Holiday

The best thing is that you can experience all of it with us on our Costa Rica Yoga Holiday! We have chosen Nosara as our retreat home for a reason; there is a strong culture of yoga, healthy eating and well being for you to enjoy. You can feel free to do as much or as little as your heart desires. Indulge in real you time, enjoy 3 hours of yoga a day and get into the natural rhythms of nature. Nourish your body with local and organic food and embrace everything that this magical, tropical paradise has to offer.

Costa Rica truly is an environment that inspires you to reconnect to nature with a simplicity that inspires you to reconnect with yourself.


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