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What to expect: Enjoy a half-day retreat-at-home schedule that you can combine with a day of yoga and two pre-corded yoga classes sent to your inbox to enjoy at any time.

What it’s about: Learn about what empowerment means and how to cultivate and nurture it in your day to day so that you can learn more about yourself and in turn boost confidence and self-worth.

What’s included:

  • Healthy morning wake-up routine
  • Learn about empowerment and enjoy an activity
  • Pranayama for calming the mind
  • Meditation audio for empowerment
  • Dinner recipe
  • Relaxing bedtime routine
  • One energising morning yoga class
  • One relaxing evening yin yoga class


  • Pre-recorded energising morning yoga class
  • Pre-recorded calming evening yin yoga class


What happens next?

Sign up for this half-day DIY retreat and receive two emails in your inbox – one with your login details for your account (log-in at the top of our navigation on the homepage) and another email with a confirmation of your purchase and the links to the two pre-recorded yoga classes. If you already have an account with us simply log in and enjoy!

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Enjoy a half-day DIY retreat at-home and choose to combine with two pre-recorded yoga classes and learn how to feel empowered, more confident and positive.