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Culture and Islands Yoga Holiday Bali 2023

A multi-destination yoga holiday in Bali, start in Ubud for 4 nights to explore the wellness capital, temples, markets and culture then go by private boat to your gorgeous villa complex for 6 nights of relaxation.

04th September 2023
16th September 2023
28th September 2023

Your yoga holiday in Bali will be a magical 10-Night / 11-day experience split between mainland Bali & three other magical islands, creating an amazing retreat you won’t ever forget!

Bali is a place that instantly conjures up visions of green and lush tropics, rice terraces, and temples. We have that and so much more in-store. It is as environmentally diverse and fascinating as it is culturally. The sound of prayers fills the air with the scent of incense that lay in each doorway. It is a treat for all your senses.

Our adventure begins with four nights in a peaceful, village location surrounded by rice paddies, only 15 minutes away from the bustling, cultural haven of Ubud. Stay in a 3 star yoga hotel resort. From here we will indulge in the sights, sounds, flavours and culture of this world-renowned well-being mecca. Experience a water purification ceremony, blessings at the local temple, meeting the monkeys at the Monkey Forest as well as access to incredible sound therapy experiences and delicious local food!

From there we make our way by private boat to the paradise island of Nusa Lembongan. Your new home is something out of travel fantasies. This stay is an indulgent 4/5 star villa complex. Boasting two infinity pools overlooking the ocean, plush seating areas, and our own beach access will make you will feel like you have landed in heaven. Your view is across the sea over to Bali, and the towering Mt. Agung Volcano for the most vibrant sunsets.

Yoga will be held in the garden Palapa with views out to sea and the sound of the waves. This will be the most blissful meditation! Our morning classes will start early before the heat of the day and our evening sessions will finish just in time to watch the sunset from your yoga mat.

Check out our blog on some of the top places we love to eat in Ubud! You never know, you might be visiting them yourself! Find out more about Bali from Lonely Planet 


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4th – 14th September 2023
16th – 26th September 2023
28th September – 8th October 2023

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Please make sure you have travel insurance that covers you for any unforeseen circumstances prior to and during your stay. Also, find a covid policy that is suitable for your needs.


A twin/double room is for two people sharing either two single beds or a double bed. If this option isn’t available on the website please email us to ask for availability.


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Marie Williams

Marie is a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. Her classes are about connecting with your body and mind through explorative movement and flows, moments of...


Bess Shipside

Bess teaches a hatha flow based asana practice but comes more from “how does that feel” rather than precise alignment based practices.  Connecting the heart to the body and mind through physical movement and the breath and infusing mantra and affirmations in each class be ready to be taken on a transformative journey.

About the yoga

Morning Yoga on our Bali adventure: In our Ubud location we will be at a beautiful yoga. The yoga shala is on the top floor with stunning views out over the rice paddies, palm trees and surrounding villages. It is also the perfect place to watch the sunrise! Once on Nusa Lembongan, our private villa boasts an ocean view Palapa. The practice will begin as a gentle awakening, building up to more dynamic poses – slowly building so that over the 9 days of yoga asana you find your body opening up to new depths in poses you’d never imagined; that you can settle in meditation quicker than before, that silence is something to be cherished. Feel energised and refreshed and ready for your day of adventure.


Evening yoga on our Bali adventure:  After a day exploring it is time to settle into a more restorative practice. Yin yoga will ease out the activities of the day blissful restorative postures to follow as we watch the most magnificent sunset out to sea. Once the deep rest has been satisfied with yoga Nidra and restorative poses we head down for dinner.


  • To stay in a yoga resort in the cultural hub of Ubud.

  • Incredible food with a world class cafe culture in Ubud.

  • A trip to the Sacred Monkey Forest.

  • Experience a water purification ceremony and blessing.

  • Ocean side villa in Nusa Lembongan with in house private chef and two infinity pools.

  • Mangrove boat tour and snorkeling trip.

  • Time to relax, unwind and take it all in!

About the food

Your yoga holiday in Bali has lots of different eating opportunities.

In Ubud, you will enjoy breakfast within the resort after yoga. On two of the four evenings, your dinner will be at the hotel, and for the other two nights, you will be making the most of the world-class restaurants of the city.

In Nusa Lembongan, our local, in-house chef will be creating delicious breakfasts and dinners to suit every taste, leaving us to explore the local warungs and amazing cafes on the island.

The food in Bali is fantastic. Expect to come home with a newfound love of Indonesian food!

Our Yoga Chefs


Your yoga holiday Bali is suitable for anyone who likes to explore and have an adventure! Based at two unique locations we will journey over the land and sea to get a taste for everything on offer. Yoga is suitable for all levels.

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Beautiful Bali

Bali, a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean is calling! Within the midst of the many islands of Indonesia, Bali is alive with culture, history, and rituals it is a feast for the senses and the soul. From perfectly formed rice terraces to paradise islands, this is a destination that will leave you with stories to tell.

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Visit the cultural hub of Ubud, filled with temples, ancient trees and a diverse artistic community. Your taste buds will be more than satisfied with some of the world’s most incredible cafes and foods to enjoy.

The neighbouring island of Nusa Lembongan is only a short boat ride away but feels like another world! Surrounded by crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches and palm-lined trails it is paradise, found! Explore mangrove forests, get lost along the sandy lanes and find your way over the infamous yellow bridge to neighbouring Nusa Ceningan. There is so much to do!

Whether on mainland Bali or the islands, you will spend your days embracing the blissful nature around you and the stunning sights above and below the waves. Be enchanted by the smiles of the Balinese people and the incredible culture of this spiritual yoga holiday in Bali.





We have chosen to take this adventure to two locations. The first on mainland Bali and the second is the neighboring island of Nusa Lembongan.

In Ubud, we will be making new friends with the monkeys at the Monkey Forest and experiencing a water purification ceremony and blessings at a jaw-droppingly beautiful local temple! Our yoga classes will be with a soundtrack to the sounds of the jungle and village life, looking out onto the rice paddies and palm trees.

Once we arrive in Nusa Lembongan, the days we will be spent embracing island beach life! Snorkeling, surfing, relaxing around the pool, or enjoying a massage at the villa. Of course, there will also be the opportunity for plenty of adventures! Boat trips through the mangroves, snorkeling and exploring the magical underwater world filled that surrounds us.

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