Planet Promise

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The planet is our first love, isn’t it obvious? And we have tried to take care but also know we have been at fault. So we promise to look after it from now on.


Make sure our business and it's operations are carbon neutral by end of 2025


Work with the local communities where we run our retreats to support them financially and environmentally


Work with venues that have eco credentials where possible


Use a carbon offsetting scheme that reflects our values and ethos

This is an area we have always been passionate about and have always aimed to be a responsible business in the way that we run our retreats and how and where we work from in the office.  From working remotely in HQ, to the operations of our retreats.

In ‘the office’ or HQ

For starters, we have worked remotely for most of AdventureYogi’s lifespan which has been a great start with creating a lower carbon business. We are now a paperless business. With the use of zoom and online meetings, we are reducing our carbon here by not having to travel to meetings as much.

On Retreat

We have always worked with local providers for our yoga holidays abroad using small private accommodation, local taxis, tour guides, activity companies, and chefs. We have always recycled and composted our food and we are going fully organic and local on our UK retreats and reducing packaging as and where we can (thanks to our amazing chefs!).

But now it’s time for us to do even more.

  • We have signed up to Tourism declares a Climate Emergency and are working on our Climate Action PLan as we speak.
  • We are also looking to collaborate with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and become a member of their climate action programme so we can measure our carbon throughout the year and offset it at the end. We will be able to see exactly how much carbon emissions we produce and then work towards minimising these as much as we can as we become more aware of our impact.
  • We will also be choosing venues that are either eco venues and if not, working with them to become so and making sure they look after their staff and pay them fairly.

We can’t wait to share more information about this with you.

It’s a work in progress but something we are committed to doing.


We have partnered with Treesisters, a tree-planting carbon offsetting scheme. We would love it if you could join us in our quest to be carbon neutral and offset the carbon from your journey to get to our retreat. Find out more about them here.