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These uncertain times call for new booking flexibility and support so that you are never out of pocket with us


Flexible Booking - If you can't make the retreat we will help fill your place and offer a holiday credit voucher if we do


Refundable deposit - If we can re-sell your place


No change fees - If you need to transfer your booking due to coronavirus there is no fee


Final payment for UK retreats 3 weeks prior and 6 weeks for holidays abroad

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Flexible Bookings
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Before booking with AdventureYogi, please take the time to read our new booking conditions.

Our terms and conditions have been re-written post-covid so that we are legally compliant with The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, for your protection. They are tailored specifically to what we offer you.

We also have a temporary Coronavirus clause which will be reviewed in May 2021 to further protect you from the uncertainty that the virus has imposed on the world.

The most important bits that we think you want to know are below:

Up until May 2021, we have new booking conditions to be able to be as flexible as possible in light of the coronavirus and the uncertainty it has brought for travel and holidays.


We ask for 30% deposit and the final payment for UK retreats will be 3 weeks instead of our usual 8 weeks and for yoga holidays abroad 6 weeks instead of the usual 8 weeks.

Cancellation by us

If you book from June 11th 2020 onwards and if your retreat or holiday has been cancelled by AdventureYogi Ltd due to the coronavirus pandemic flare-up, you will receive the choice of:

  1. 110%* of your holiday cost as a holiday credit voucher to be used at any time in the future, or you can choose a specific retreat of your choice. 
  2.  a refund

If you need to cancel for any other reason the terms of our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions still apply.

*The 110% – the extra 10% can be towards any treatments that are on offer and any of our online offerings or 10% towards your next booking with us.

If you choose to accept a holiday credit voucher resulting from cancellation by us:

  • it does not have an expiry date and may be applied towards any other available trip offered by us
  • is not redeemable for cash

If you choose to accept a refund:

We will provide a full refund within the 14-day time frame unless it is of an unprecedented nature in which case we will be asking for a delay on this from you if you can support this if you can afford to wait.

Cancellation by you due to coronavirus

In the situation that you have to cancel your booking if you think it is the coronavirus, we will need to see a positive test result. Once we have this we will offer you either a holiday voucher or to move your booking to another retreat of the same cost (and if more you will have to pay the difference) or a refund if we can sell your place at short notice. If we don’t see a positive test result then our usual terms apply (see below our cancellation by customer). 

If your area goes into a local lockdown, please notify us immediately so that we can try to re-sell your place. If we can you can choose from: A full refund or a holiday credit voucher of the amount paid.

Please note: We highly recommend taking out travel insurance for ANY retreat with us, in the UK or abroad. When booking a retreat in the UK this is still classed as a holiday even though it may be your home turf. Please check the travel insurance to make sure it has a coronavirus clause that suits you.

Please note: During the Conronavirus pandemic, we are taking every measure we need to keep you and our teams safe. However, by booking a retreat you are knowingly taking a risk and are fully aware that any of the above situations may arise and could result in you having to cancel your holiday due to health reasons. This is out of our control and by booking to join us you are responsible for your own choices and actions both before, during and after your retreat.

Cancellation by the customer: If you cancel for any other reason other than a coronavirus related reason, please notify us as soon as you can so that it gives us enough time to re-sell your place. If we re-sell your place you can have either a full refund or a holiday credit voucher to use at any time in the future.

Please contact us on [email protected] if you have any queries about our booking conditions or general terms and conditions

If you booked prior to 11th June our archived terms and conditions still apply

Here are some FAQs regarding cancellations and refunds

With the latest developments in the pandemic and lateral flow tests being available to everyone, we have decided to ask that everyone take a lateral flow test 5 days prior to coming on the retreat, so that if it comes back positive you have time to get a PCR test to confirm a positive test result. If it comes back negative we ask that you start to limit the number of people you see prior to the retreat and take another test the day before your retreat starts. That way we can attempt to create covid free retreats.

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to resell your place.

For self-isolation, track and trace, we can't offer you a refund if you have to cancel due to being notified you have to self-isolate.
However, if we can resell your place we can offer you a credit note for a future retreat and we highly recommend that if you decide to book a retreat with us, you start to reduce the number of people you come into contact from 14 days prior to the start date of the retreat so that you reduce the chances of being contacted to self-isolate. Especially if you are concerned.

The sooner you let us know that you have been contacted by track and trace to self-isolate, the better, as we can try and re-sell your place for you.

Alternatively, you can find someone to take your place.

These are all recommended actions and ultimately, you are choosing to book a retreat during a pandemic and are aware of the risk involved and we will do everything we can to help you also.

Try to reduce contact with others prior to your retreat so that you can guarantee that you can come on your well-deserved break with us without any stress prior to the retreat. We recommend reducing contact by limiting travel, trips to social events, reduce the number of households you meet with. We can do what we can do but we ask that you also take responsibility for your actions.